We are different and successful because of our philosophy and how we collaborate with our clients and individual talents.

We spend time understanding organisations and their culture. We work with hiring executives to appreciate, beyond the job specifications, the unique combination of skills, attitudes, personality and characteristics required of the talent they seek. While we strive for an ideal match where possible, we also help hiring executives consider a diverse range of individuals, helping them seek clarity of the mandatory skills needed for the job.

We work with individuals, seeking to understand their expectations and what they need to be engaged in work that is meaningful, rewarding & that matches their skills & talent. We understand that passions & interests need to be seen in the “stage-of-life” context of individuals. We work to help individuals gain a balanced perspective in a changing economy. We help them gain better clarity of their abilities and expectations of the job market.

By achieving the above, Orion Consulting strives to place ideal people in ideal jobs. Our vision of Bringing People Together aspires to help organisations hire individuals who contribute to the bottom-line. We also aspire to help individuals seek work that make a positive impact on their lives. By doing so, we help individuals align passion with organisational purpose and this ensures exceptional performance.

As technology blurs the line between work & play, passion will be the only sustainable factor; passion will be the differentiator between success & failure. Balance & quality of life can only be measured in terms of where your passions lie.