Executive Conversations™ services are designed to provide clients with an opportunity for an appropriately experienced Senior Consultant from Orion Consulting to engage in dialogue with senior executives, with an expressed desired objective.

Orion Consulting’s Executive Conversations™ services have helped clients through dialogue where an external resource is more appropriate. Discussion themes can revolve around leadership issues, talent acquisition or talent development challenges and executive coaching opportunities. Some examples of these scenarios involve our Senior Consultant providing feedback, assessment & advice on areas such as:

  • Talent Investment: Providing input to a company’s decision to invest in a senior executive, for example to enroll him into a company-funded MBA program.
  • Promotion/Role Assessment: Feedback on the suitability & readiness of a senior employee for a new and/or more senior position within the company. Or providing our talent assessment of a senior executive of a company being acquired and our perspective of what role assignment is suitable in the new entity.
  • Executive Coaching: One-on-one coaching with executives aimed at developmental objectives (versus purely corrective reasons).
  • Talent Acquisition: The recruitment of key talent to meet the various talent needs of a company.

A large part of our services revolves around maintaining confidentiality. In such situations we work very closely with the Chief Executive or a Board Member.